Big Sur: 253 Miles To Go

I’m in Big Sur, Ca.    Rode 44 miles and 2800 ft of climbing.   1142 Total miles covered to date.

What amazing weather we have here in California.  A clear day, and high 70’s to low 80’s.  We had amazing sighting-seeing type riding for our first 20 miles.  We rode the rec trail south out of Monterey, then picked up 17 mile drive, gawked at the fancy golf courses and beautiful homes, then Scenic Drive along Carmel’s coast where we gawked at more beautiful homes and beautiful beaches.  We stopped a lot and took lots of pictures.  It was bliss.

Then, it was 20 more miles on Hiway 1, climbing hill and dale, traffic and more spectacular views.  It was a hard 20 miles, though.  I kept watching the odometer, watching the miles go by ever so slowly and wondered when my head would get in the game and ride these miles effortlessly.  It never happened, today.  We’d go up, we’d go down and then we’d go up, again.  We crossed the famous Bixby Bridge, and then climbed up to Hurricane Point.   Then, on to more down and up and up and down.  We eventually arrived in Big Sur.  And, of course, where our cabins are located for the night, was a bit more of a climb…yup…seriously.  I’m pooped!

Tomorrow we shuttle to Cambria as Highway 1 is closed going south.  So, a rest day, whew.  There are only 3 riding days remaining and I can do this!


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