At home in Santa Cruz: 347 Miles To Go

I’m in Santa Cruz, Ca, home.  Yeah.  Rode 50 miles and 2500 ft of climbing, to get here.   1048 Total miles covered to date.


I rode into Santa Cruz, yesterday, slept at home last night, and my sister, Amy, came over and spent my day off with me.  The pic, above, was taken at the Capitola Wharf and geez do I need a hair cut!  We had such a lovely time.  Makes me look forward to the close of this journey in one more week…but not until then.  At the end of the day, Am gave me a ride back to the “bike bubble”.

Now back in the “bike bubble” and one week to go, makes me realize and understand that I have a magnificent choice as to what is next.  The past four weeks have been simple and single focused, but not easy.  When the ride and the bubble ends, it will be much easier, but my life will be much more complex.  I plan to make thoughtful, careful choices as I transition back into my day to day life.

For now,  the ride from Half Moon Bay was bliss and my home territory.  My local cycling club, joined us for the ride in and then pizza and beer.  When you are Santa Cruz, come ride with us!  SCCCC  Tomorrow’s ride to Monterey, will also be familiar, too.  Looking forward to it.



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