The Golden Gate Bridge: 397 Miles To Go

I’m in Half Moon Bay, Ca.  Rode 42 miles and 2500 ft of climbing, today.   998 Total miles covered to date.

Started out this morning rather chilly, ~55 deg F.  Covered 10 miles through Richardson Bay to reach the Golden Gate Bridge.

What a spectacular ride and a highlight of this epic adventure.  After the bridge, we climbed up through the Presidio, to areas that I had never been to and then crossed to the park and rode the entire way out to the Great Highway.  It hardly seemed like we were in the city before we were on Skyline heading south.

The time seems to be moving very very fast as we have less than 400 miles to go.  It always seems to happen this way, and reminds me that everything and anything is possible step by step and one pedal stroke after the other.  At some point, divide providence always seems to join me and things get easier and the struggle disappears and what is left is achievement, joy and gratitude.   My goal now, as I am on what I feel is my coast, my home, is to make sure I enjoy every single moment and that I be present with this experience.

Just south of Pacifica is a treacherous piece of road, no shoulder, lots of traffic and then a nasty tunnel.  I having been fearing this stretch of road, hill and tunnel for days!  To my surprise there is now a bike detour/path around the tunnel on the old highway.  What a bunch of stress over nothing.  The lesson, again, is don’t do the future until it gets here.



3 thoughts on “The Golden Gate Bridge: 397 Miles To Go

  1. I am always following you! You are “at home” and you are not going to stop, just pass! Interesting!
    In France, we saw the fires in the Napa Valley and I was wondering how you could be impacted!
    To mitigitate our impact on the planet, we will have all to use more our bicycles, so you are already ready!
    Just a dream : a road without cars and trucks…
    Have a good day


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