In the Bay Area: 439 Miles To Go

I’m in Corte Madera, Ca.  Rode 57 miles and 3400 ft of climbing, today.   956 Total miles covered to date.  Tomorrow is a rest day.

As we traveled south of Bodega Bay, this morning, the air quality improved from the fires, which made cycling easier, despite significant climbing.  Today’s climbing consisted mostly of short fast downhills and relatively short steep, 10%, uphills.  We have a day off just north of San Francisco, much needed and much deserved.

Yesterday, when I didn’t have sufficient internet upload many photo’s, we visited the Sea Ranch Chapel.  A hidden gem on the north coast.  If you ever are near, it is a must stop.  It is so beautiful and peaceful it can bring a tear to your eye.

It was a smokey day, initially.  Robin sported a bandito-look.

After most of the climbing was complete, we entered Samuel P Taylor State Park on a bike path of all things.  IMG_17305 miles of FLAT peaceful road through the redwoods.  I haven’t appreciated a bike path in quite some time as much as I did this.  It was as peaceful as it looks.  We had the path all to ourselves.  What a gift.







And lastly,  Jan Bee, joined us for dinner.  IMG_1731


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