Lots of Smoke from the Fires: 496 Miles To Go

I’m in Bodega Bay, Ca.  Rode 48 miles and 3800 ft of climbing, today.   889 Total miles covered to date.

Today was bittersweet.  We were riding in much smoke from the fires that are currently burning out of control in Napa and near Santa Rosa.  Hiway 101 was closed for a portion of today, and that sent many, many cars onto Highway 1, where we are riding.  So, there was more traffic than expected, today, lots of road construction and poor road surfaces.  The skies were smokey, and the view often obscured, which is unfortunate as this section of Highway 1 is known for its spectacular hanging on the cliff views.  Due to the smoke and poor air quality, a good portion of our riders chose to not ride and hopped into the van.  Robin and I pressed on and I don’t feel any worse for wear.  As we entered Bodega Bay, we passed a make-shift evacuation center,  somber reminder of the devastation and loss that is impacting so many.

Poor internet, tonight, so pics aren’t uploading.



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