The Magnificent North Coast of Ca–544 Miles To Go

I’m in Gualala, Ca.  Rode 60 miles and 4700 ft of climbing, today.   841 Total miles covered to date.

It was an amazing day on the North Coast, sunny and warm and at 1p, we received our 20 mph north wind–a very strong tailwind–every cyclists dream.  I have spent much time on this section of the coast, camping, hanging out with family and supporting friends who dive for abalone.  It is such a place of good, happy memories.  I am blessed to be here and back riding with Robin.

Didn’t take many pictures, today, but it was spectacular.  I think I was just so glad to be on my bike that I didn’t want to stop.

Robin and I fell into our easy pattern of riding down the road, each of us taking a 3 mi pull in the front and then switching.  The road, Hiway 1, is not easy.  Not only is there lots of up and down, but the road surface is rough and often there is no shoulder.  We have to move into the traffic lane, and when there is a lot of traffic, vehicles have to wait to go around us.  I encountered one especially impatient large RV driver who could not pass me because there was oncoming traffic.  We were on a twisty slightly uphill section with absolutely no shoulder and a guard rail.  He (I assumed a he!) started honking at me and kept trying to force me into the guard rail so he could pass.  I was surprisingly calm and just kept moving further into the lane, in essence, “taking” it, making it essential for the RV to pass me by moving into the oncoming traffic lane, when it was clear.  There was NO WAY, I was going to move an inch to the right and let the guy pass in the same lane as me as I would get squished into the guard rail.  Robin was watching from behind and thought I was a goner. I stayed my course and started pointing with my left arm–and shouting– for the RV to move over.  He kept honking at me.  Eventually a wide shoulder opened up and we moved off the road and let the RV and other cars pass us.  Lessons from the road:  hold your own, live to ride another day.

It should be another beautiful sunny day, tomorrow.


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