More Than Half Way! 734 Miles to Go

Covered 73 miles and 4800 feet of climbing, today.  Yowee! Total distance covered to date is 766 miles.  We’re in Arcata, CA.  We are more than half way.  Amazing.

Well, I had a day off yesterday, in Crescent City, which I truly needed.  I took a long nap and did mostly nothing except put my feet up, clean my bike and do laundry and then slept solidly through the night.  I was exhausted from last week and needed the rest, truly.  And, today, I bounced back stronger than ever.

But, first a bit about Crescent City.  It is extremely vulnerable to tsunami’s, had a major one in 1964.  The natural geography of the ocean floor and the crescent shape bay make the area especially susceptible.  fullsizeoutput_240fThe city has shored up the jettees with these 25 ton concrete tetrapods.  There are 3530 tetrapods on the breakwater jetty’s of Crescent City.  That’s a lot of tetrapods, I say.






Coming into Crescent City we were pushed along with a 20 mph tail wind.  It was wicked fast with more lovely ocean views.

Today, we traveled from Crescent City to Arcata, which entailed significant climbing, lots of road construction, lots of crappy roads, gravel and pot holes.  We were rewarded with spectacular ocean views, and a blissful ride through the redwoods.  And at the end, the infamous North Ca, afternoon 20 mph tailwind.

At the major construction work and most major bridges, there is a button to push for cyclists which sets of flashing lights to alert motorists.  It is a great safety feature.  On this one, the sign said we “Must” push the button.  Of course we did!  And lastly, Robin is helping out as sous chef for the remainder of this trip.  Tonight was her first night working.  Way to go Robin!


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