California! 807 Miles To Go

Covered 60 miles and 3000 feet of climbing, today.  Total distance covered to date is 693 miles.  We’re in Crescent City, CA.

We crossed into California at mile 34, today.  Feels like home. IMG_1650

Had another very hilly day on the bike.  Fortunately most of the climbing was in the first 30 miles and then we had a 15 – 20 mph tailwind for much of the last part.  I’m still exhausted, though.  The ocean vistas and views were spectacular.  I have wanted to ride down the coast for many years and it has been just to see this scenery.   Feels like I have already traveled quite a long distance, which I have, nearly 700 miles.







3 thoughts on “California! 807 Miles To Go

  1. It looks like the beautiful weather is holding. Do you have fog in the morning or is it clear from the get-go? Margaritas tonight and a day off tomorrow…. You can’t beat that. In the voice mail yesterday, I think you mentioned that Emily was the cook. You can’t get much better than that. Are you and Robin in the room rotation or doing something else? I know you two are getting stronger each day so this ride is in the bag. As usual, the photos are great. I LOVE the one of the fields. Take care and be safe.


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