California Here We Come, 867 Miles To Go

Covered 58 miles and 3100 feet of climbing, today.  Total distance covered to date is 633 miles.  We’re in Gold Beach, Oregon.

It started out as a very cold morning and became a sunny beautiful day on the Oregon Coast.  It was a tough ride, today, lots of short steep climbing and very rough road surfaces. The views were amazing, however.

We pressed on and arrived at Gold Beach.  Gold Beach is named after a beach near the mouth of the Rogue River where gold mines were located in the mid 1800s.  There are US Postal mailboats, here, that have been delivering the mail via boat since 1895.  This is one of only two rural mailboat routes that remain in the US.  I think the other is in Maine.

We have a beautiful sunset tonight, and tomorrow we will be in California!  I am really tired, tonight, and am looking forward to a restorative sleep.




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