We Climbed Into a Cloud; 925 Miles To Go

Covered 33 miles and 1600 feet of climbing, today.  Total distance covered to date is 574 miles.  We’re in Bandon, Oregon.

Today was a bit of a rolling rest day.  Only covered 33 miles, yet there were challenging climbs and lots of moisture.  Robin says her skin has never felt so soft from the all the hydration we experienced today.  Helluva way to get a spa treatment, I say.  IMG_1614We started out in North Bend, with a high overcast marine layer and no rain. Immediately we started climbing steeply to the top of a ridge.  As we approached the top of the ridge we rode right into the cloud layer.  It wasn’t rain, but we were surrounded with drenching mist and precipitation.  Robin was leading and said loudly “I pity the fool who isn’t wearing their rain jacket”.  Ahem, that would be me, we had just climbed and I had my rain jacket in my rear trunk.  Quick stop, rain jacket on.  We stayed on the ridge in the cloud for over 10 miles.  I have never experienced being in so much water without there being actual rain.  It was phenomenal, truly.  I was definitely outside of my comfort zone and if I wasn’t on a ride like this, there is no way I’d be anywhere but inside and dry.  I give thanks to good technical rain gear, shoe covers, merino wool base layers and wool socks.  Eventually we came off the ridge, descended out of the cloud layer and were in Bandon.  Yes, that is a shower cap on my helmet, best cover to keep the rain from running into my helmet and face while still allowing air to circulate.  And, it is easily replaceable at the next hotel/motel.  Cute town art and chocolates in Bandon–which we deserved!

And, finally a sunny day in Bandon.  Bandon has numerous rock formations right off the beach, and there is much native american lore and story telling about faces that can be seen in the rocks.


3 thoughts on “We Climbed Into a Cloud; 925 Miles To Go

  1. Nice photo and lovely smile. Sounds like everything continues to go well. I saw post from W.t. About the kitten and replied that I would like to adopt it. Also messaged Patty J. We’ll see what happens. DID NOT CONSULT WITH TILLY OR ME ME…..


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