Southern Oregon: 959 Miles To Go

Covered 46 miles and 2000 feet of climbing, today.  Total distance covered to date is 541 miles.  We’re in North Bend, Oregon.

I came into my power, today, on the bike.  IMG954004After 10 days of riding, I am really strong and I am even enjoying the hills and the climbing, as never before.  What a thrill to be able to spin up long climbs and significant grades for miles and miles.  I remember when I would be not only mentally devastated by the hills, but physically, too,  I’d have to stop and rest on most climbs and even walk some parts.  I never gave up, but it took focus and fortitude for me to do a lot of climbing,   Mind you, now, I am not moving over any of these climbs at a fast pace, but I am able to spin at a reasonable rpm and slowly move up and over each hill as it comes.  It is a joy to be able to climb.  As a result, I’m having no problems with my knees at the end of the day,  And then the best part, after most summits is a significant downhill.  Gravity, then, is my friend!


We spent most of the day on US 101, and there was significant traffic, often little shoulder and even more so, it would be filled with debris.  My least favorite vehicles on the road are logging trucks–especially the double set, and large RVs towing a vehicle.  Neither of these seem to be aware of how wide they are and how close they come to a cyclist as they pass.  Sometimes, I swear at them, but mostly I focus on keeping my line in the lane.  As we came into North Bend, Oregon, we crossed over Coos Bay on a 1.6 mile bridge, shown, above.  fullsizeoutput_23c5There is no shoulder on the bridge.  As a cyclist there is a button you push prior to entering the bridge which creates flashing lights to alert the traffic to your presence on the bridge.  Robin and I take the lane–which means we ride one behind the other in the lane so no car can pass us without going over the double yellow center line.  This way, we don’t get ‘pushed’ into the side of the bridge.  It also means, that traffic has to go at our pace if they aren’t clear to pass.  So…we held up a lot of traffic as we cycled for 1.6 miles.  Oh, well.  Mostly, the cars were very courteous to us and we made it safely to the other side.

Tomorrow we’re heading to Bandon, OR, one of my favorite places because of the unusual rock formations at the beach.  It is also known for its cranberry and artisanal cheese, production.



5 thoughts on “Southern Oregon: 959 Miles To Go

  1. Congratulations. I knew you were in shape for the ride. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the climbing I love the photo of the two of you.


  2. I’ve been “stalking” your blog – since I am debating between this trip and the Southern Cross Country. Love your comments regarding the climbs and how strong you are feeling. You’re an inspiration!


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