The Oregon Coast, The Exploding Whale, 1005 Miles To Go

Covered 54 miles and 2600 feet of climbing, today.  Total distance covered to date is 495 miles.  We’re in Florence, Oregon.

Had a day off in Newport, and traveled 54 miles down the amazing Oregon Coast on a beautiful sunny day and have arrived in Florence.  Florence has the distinction of having blown up a whale in 1970.  Apparently the 80 ton beast washed ashore and an engineer for the Oregon Highway Division in consultation with the Navy decided the way to remove the carcass was by blowing it up whereby the seagulls and other scavenger birds would eat all the remaining pieces.  Well, things did not go as planned.  The dead whale was blown up–only partially, and large chunks of blubber flew in the air and landed on nearby spectators and destroyed parked cars.  Details can be found here.  Also, Google “exploding whale florence” and you’ll find the video of the original footage complete with flying blubber!  I laughed so hard, tears ran down my face.

Had a marvelous seafood meal in Newport, OR.  My metabolism is significantly ramped up and it is amazing how much I can eat!

And, lastly, arrived Florence safe and sound.



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