Whale Sightings: 1059 Miles To Go

Covered 99 miles and 5300 feet of climbing over the past two days.  Total distance covered to date is 441 miles.  We’re in Newport, Oregon.  No blog post, yesterday, as I had very intermittent internet last night.  So, two days to catch up on.

First, we are staying in first class accommodations.  View from last night’s stay in Neskowin is below.  IMG_1566My days have a wonderful routine and the transition to getting going in the morning is getting easier.  Up, dress, luggage into the trailer, bike out, tires pumped, snacks and electrolyte onto the bike, breakfast and off.  Once on the road, it is bliss.  We are on Hiway 101, mostly, unless there are frontage roads that we can slip off on to.  I blew the sidewall on my rear tire, today, when I inadvertently road over a chard of gravel and it bounced up hitting my rear tire and sliced through the sidewall.  I instantly lost tire pressure and immediately knew I had a flat.  I was able to brake and control my speed and stop very quickly.  The shoulders are fairly wide and the traffic courteous, but the shoulders are full of debris, gravel, glass and pieces of wood.  Robin figures if we’d picked up all the wood from the side of the road, we’d have a cord available for sale by now.  Back to the tire, replaced the tube and the pressure held until I made it to our support vehicle, 2 more miles down the road.  The support vehicles carries extra tires and I replaced my rear tire, which was not salvageable.   And, we were off again.  I must say I was humbled by how quickly my bike was damaged and became nearly unrideable.  I am so grateful for the support we have on the road.  It took quite a few miles for me to get my head back into the ride and focus on enjoying myself and letting what will be will be.

The coastal views along the way are breath taking.

Today, after a ride of a dozen or so miles, we came upon the Boiler Bay pullout. A small crowd was gathered at the railing on the cliff above the bay.  In the bay were 5 or 6 juvenile gray whales.  The best I can describe their behavior is that they were frolicking.  Seriously.  Apparently these whales are resident in the area and don’t make the long migration as the transient gray whales do from Alaska to Baja, Mexico and then return to Alaska.  This is probably the closest I have come to so many whales at once.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I’ve included these two, anyway.

Further down the road we stopped at the Newport Lighthouse, and were rewarded with seeing 3 more whales, though they were much further out in the ocean.  We’d see their blow holes spout a stream of water into the air, and then the sight of the arch of their back as they dove below the surface.

In conclusion to these great past days, I had two other minor mechanical issues, lost a screw on my right shoe cleat, which I replaced and had sticking with the lacing mechanism on my left shoe.  Also fixed.  Two shoe things.

And,  the ‘s’ is working perfectly fine on this keyboard now, and I did nothing to fix it.  Yahoo!


2 thoughts on “Whale Sightings: 1059 Miles To Go

  1. Geeze, a blowout!!! I’m glad it wasn’t the front tire because I think that would have been harder to control. Seeing the whales, so close, makes up for it though. Yea, for the SAG! Your photos are outstanding. As I read the posts about the climbing, I know that I made the right decision. Continue riding strong. You were definitely in shape for the ride.


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