The Pacific Ocean: 1158 Miles To Go

Covered 56 miles today, and 3400 feet of climbing.  Total distance covered to date is 342 miles.  We’re in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.

Big news:  No rain today and I’m at the Pacific Ocean, yeah.  Had to climb quite a bit today, but the views were amazing.  Had sunny skies and the air had that clean and crisp feel that happens right after it rains–which it has done, a lot.  Pic below is the highest point to which we climbed, today.

IMG_1529Had a great opportunity for a new snack drink today.  Seriously, yuk–banana chocolate milk?!




And, saw both of these along the way,

All I can say is, what a difference riding in the sun makes.  We clicked off the miles rather effortlessly, today, despite the climbing.  We are significantly stronger after our first week of riding.  Makes it really fun to be able to tackle the climbs without struggle.  We found a great bench to eat our PB&Js for lunch at Cannon Beach–so named because a cannon (duh) washed ashore from a shipwreck in the mid 1800s.    Below is Haystack Rock.   PS. My “s” key is still sticking!  Never realized how many words have an ‘s’ in them!


3 thoughts on “The Pacific Ocean: 1158 Miles To Go

  1. Caught up on your last two days, just now. Getting strong!!!!!! Makes me somewhat jealous, darn it. Glad the rain is over, hopefully Oregon will be clear all the way. We”ve gone from low 80’s to forcast, starting tomorrow, is back to the 90’s. John, Nell and Ruth arrive tomorrow for a week. I’m going to share your journey w/ them. Rude on, be SAFE & ENJOY!


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