Last Day in Rainy Washington, 1210 Miles To Go

Covered 96 miles in the last two days, and 2400 feet of climbing.  Total distance covered to date is 230 miles.

fullsizeoutput_2312It has been raining and cold for the past two days and I have been out there on the bike.  Mostly, I have not been cold, but it is a slog at times.  The miles need to be covered, and you just keep on pedaling, rain be damned.  Fortunately, it has only been light rain at the  start of the day, or it would be very difficult to get out there right in the beginning.  We always have the option of taking a bump up in the van for partial or the full day’s mileage.  It is each rider’s choice.  Also, during the day we have a vehicle on the road with us, and we can call it quits at any time and get bumped in to the end of the day’s hotel.  Both I and my bike have waterproof coverings!

We caught a break in the rain late today as we traveled down the central valley of Wa.  I must say, I found the Puget Sound area very claustrophobic–lots of tall trees, low clouds, rain and twists and turns in the forest– and am glad to have more views and vistas of the farm land.

We are in Longview, Wa, which has the distinction of having 7 squirrel bridges and an annual squirrel festival.  Of course it does.  We made the rounds and saw 4 of the 7 bridges, and photo’s of 3 are provided below.  We did see several squirrels in the nearby trees, but none ran across the bridges as we waited.  If you were a squirrel, would you use these bridges? Just saying…

Tomorrow we head to the coast of Oregon, and will be rewarded with views of the ocean.  Yeah!


3 thoughts on “Last Day in Rainy Washington, 1210 Miles To Go

  1. Squirrel bridges … I wonder if they really use them. Kind of like the Frog Tunnels in Davis.
    Sounds like you are riding strong and dealing with things as they come (as usual). I hope you have blue Skys soon. I see you are both still smiling!


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