Leaving the Puget Sound: 1366 Miles to Go

Today:  41 Miles 2000 ft of climbing.  134 miles complete.

Day 3, and I fell into the rhythm of being on a long bike trek, today.  I was more diligent with continuous fuel, water and electrolytes all day and stopping more frequently for short breaks off the bike.  It’s a long way riding for 1500 miles.  Pace and comfort are everything.  I felt better all day, at the end of the day and into the evening.  I can hardly wait for tomorrow to get to going, again!  I was in the moment, more today, and enjoying the moment and not anticipating what is around the corner is critical.  Otherwise, I spend the day on the bike wondering about the next up hill, the next down hill and I’m never present where I am.  And, then I could be anywhere, which seems rather silly.

We rode through a portion of the Olympic Peninsula, trees covered with moss and dense forest in all directions.  We had rain for a small portion of the day and finished in the sunshine.

Rain, thunder and lightning forecasted for tomorrow, oh my!


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