Bremerton, WA: 93 Miles, 1407 Miles to Go

Today we covered 51 miles, 3600 ft of climbing and the last 15 miles in the rain.  Got to love good quality rain gear-makes all the difference. I am so comfortable riding with Robin, we are both sticklers for being safe on the bike, we signal and communicate all the time while riding.  I trust her completely.  It was especially important today in the rain.  Not unexpected this early in the journey, I had two incidents, today, where a rider rode too close to me and made me feel very uncomfortable.  I provided coaching and feedback on the safety issue in what I hope came across as calm and thoughtful, but who knows. One took the feedback well, the other didn’t.  I’ve made a mental note to ride very defensively around these riders.

I didn’t get may pictures, today, obviously, because of the rain. Suppose to be clearer tomorrow, and of course, more climbing!


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