First 42 Miles, 1458 Miles To Go

We left Anacortes about 830a, and headed south.  We covered 42 miles, a ferry crossing and climbed 2700 ft in elevation.  A good start for a first day.

I had a moment when we first started, where I thought, oh no!  What have I done.  And, then Robin and I got into the rhythm of the day and it was joyous.  We cycled over Deception Pass, on a very scary bridge.  Actually we walked over it to take pictures and the height was dizzying.  As we traveled south down Whidbey Island, we traversed the interior to avoid the major highways.  Along the way, we saw what looked liked a full size elephant statue.  Why?  Who knows? The things we see along the way.  We took a ferry to Port Townsend, which is a victorian seaport.  Apparently town developers in the 1870s invested in the town anticipating the transcontinental railroad would come through.  It never did.  The town shrank, but not after significant investment victorian homes, custom house buildings, post offices, etc. were built. It is a quaint place to visit, today.

Tomorrow there is prediction of rain, so the rain gear is out and I am off to sleep after a first day well done.  I believe if you hover over the pictures, the captions will appear.




One thought on “First 42 Miles, 1458 Miles To Go

  1. Kudos for the Day 1 ride. It has just begun and as they say, it is never how you start but always how you end that wins the race 🙂 🙂 More work ahead but I am sure that you will have a blast as you complete your adventure. Best wishes Susan.


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