Adios Anacortes, Port Townsend Here We Come

Mt Baker

One of the great things about Anacortes is the spectacular views of Mt Baker.  Below, is another.

Mt Baker

Today was a day off the bike and we hooked up with the bike group.  We had our opening day orientation and then a banquet, which was awful– rubber chicken, cold salmon accompanied with under cooked vegetables.  You know, the basic bad hotel banquet food.  Service sucked, too, and I felt trapped at the event.  It was moving on two hours, before a cold dessert was even served.  And,  I sucked it up and stuck around until folks started leaving.  But,  a big big YUK!

There are 23 of us and two guides, one of whom is our chef.  Yup, better food ahead!  We head out at 8a in the morning.  We are traveling 46 miles south and at the end of our riding day, we then take a ferry to Port Townsend.

fullsizeoutput_1c4dYesterday, we rode around  Washington State Park, to these spectacular views.fullsizeoutput_1c49

In town, we found this man’s home which is his castle, literally.fullsizeoutput_1c51

And, lastly, a ferry in dry dock.  It’s freaking huge.

IMG_1419So, after months and months of planning and anticipation, the start of the ride is almost here.  I, and the other gals, on the trip are anxious to get going.  We are starting to form the group and learn each others names, learn how many rides we each have done, where we live and when we got town.  And, the getting to know someone takes time and can’t happen all at once.  For me, getting to know someone is more than the number of rides they have done and where they are from–that’s all superficial.  It’s the spending of time being curious and asking lots of questions to learn who someone really is.  Seeing what someone is comfortable sharing about decisions good and bad that has brought them to who they are here, today, riding a bike 1500 miles along the Pacific Coast.  Who can be real, authentic, humble and laugh at themselves, and who cannot.  The former are naturally the folks I like to be around.  The journey begins.



3 thoughts on “Adios Anacortes, Port Townsend Here We Come

  1. I got caught up on the ride this evening. Started with Day 3 and worked backwards — Looks like you are doing all right. Enjoy, be safe and don’t miss me too much! I’m holding my little finger up!c


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