In Anacortes, Cycling Around

Ready to go!  Yup, pink highlights in my hair so I can match my bike!

Left San Jose earlier this week and flew directly to Seattle.

Had a spectacular flight.  Saw Mt Hood, Mt St Helens and Mt Ranier.  Even through the window of the plane, the view was amazing.  The photo colors don’t do it justice, being over blue, but still amazing.

Mt St Helens in the foreground, Mt Rainier in the background.

Met Robin, my dear friend and cross country cycling partner,  in Seattle and we caught a shuttle to Anacortes.

Some history and background for you:  Anacortes was founded in 1877 and named after the original settler’s wife.  The settler’s dream for Anacortes was that it be the terminus of the transcontinental railroad.  It was not selected, the town went into a depression and hundreds left.  Over the years, Anacortes became known as a fishing and lumber town and is where plywood was invented–of all things.  In the 1950’s and 60’s Shell and Texaco built refineries here which have contributed significantly to the economic development of the area.

Another fun fact for you, is that Anacortes is  home to the North American Town Crier Championship, held every October.

Queuing with the cars for coffee.

Being close to Seattle, coffee is very poplar in Anacortes.  The town has many drive thru coffee shops, and not so many that you can actually walk into and order a cup of joe.  So…I opted to queue up with the cars to get my coffee this morning.

I am happy to report that my bike went together without a hitch–well almost if I am truthful.  At one point I had convinced myself that I had the chain twisted like a mobius strip and I needed to break the chain and untwist it.  How could this even be possible?   Thank God, I didn’t have my chain-break tool and I couldn’t break the chain and untwist what I thought was twisted–which was not, or I would still be trying to sort out the damn chain!   What a bizarre and surreal experience.  As I was struggling with all this, there was this knowing–the little voice, you know– in my mind that kept telling me everything was fine, things aren’t twisted, things are as they should be,  just relax and re-look at it–you’ll figure it out.  Sure enough, it was all right the way it was.  I figured it out and the derailleur and rear wheel went on just fine.  Lesson for the day–trust the voice and don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Off we went for a ride.  A glorious day.   I was flooded with peace and ease riding with Robin.  She, like me, has ridden cross country many times, much of it we’ve done together, and we both place a priority on caution and bike safety without sacrificing fun and playfulness.

The stuff you see along the way.  Driftwood Giraffes.


Big Climb with 17% grade.  Rewarded with a view.

2 thoughts on “In Anacortes, Cycling Around

  1. finally heard from you. wonderful pictures. I was afraid I didn’t set this up correctly and would miss you but it worked fine.. I remember mt. rainier when I went with Lynne to Seattle, long ago. mother


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