Good Bye Brussel Sprouts and the Bike is in the Box!

I’ve taken my last training ride through the farmland just south of Santa Cruz.  Watsonville grows brussel sprouts, strawberries and artichokes.   I love riding in farm land and often think I may have been a farmer in a previous lifetime.  I love how uniformly crops grow and the visual of looking down the aisles of row crops.

Brussel Sprouts in the foreground, strawberries in the background.

And, at this point, I am as ready as I will be.  No more riding, no more training, no more sitting on my bike in preparation.  I fly with Pegasus into Anacortes this coming week.  All the training and preparation  has to be good enough.  I’m thankful  I’ve done several cross country rides before, so I am familiar with this “about-to-begin” transition.  It is uncomfortable and at

Brussel Sprouts as far as the eye can see. Beautiful, but I hate brussel sprouts.  Bye Bye brussel sprouts.

times excruciating.  I am over thinking and questioning my training and preparation—-did I do enough? did I do the right kind of training and balance between rides, spin class, weight training?  I’m finding myself with worry  and fret about future events:  hills, climbs and long days in the saddle.   I’m not sleeping well.  Am I strong enough?  Do I really want to work this hard?  “Why do I want to work this hard?”  And then a moment of calm comes and  I’ll surrender, and remember to stay in the present.  “Don’t do the hill before you get there”, “Stay in the present”, “It is always one pedal stroke at a time, no matter the terrain, grade or elevation”, “Inch by inch anything is a synch” is what I have told many a newbie rider fretting over the future–especially the hills.  And lastly, from a former bicycling coach of mine, “It’s a hill, get over it!”.

Good advise for cycling and for life.

I remember how I love slow steady hard work to achieve a goal.  I love the daily thrill and monotony of being on a bike.  I love riding with my friends and simply seeing what is there.  I love having nothing to do all day but be on my bike and get from here to there and then to get up and do it all again, the next day.  I remember, after the first week, the challenges of the journey are more mental than physical.  And, I’m mentally tough and resilient.  I don’t fret about that.  Oh, the places I will go and the people I will meet, all under my own power.  The past cross country adventures have been the most consecutive days of fun I have ever had.  I expect this one will be the same.

So, Pegasus, and those following me…are you ready?  Let’s go have an adventure!

Pegasus in the box in a bagua for those who follow Feng Shui! Yeah!



4 thoughts on “Good Bye Brussel Sprouts and the Bike is in the Box!

  1. Right on Susan! I loved reading this and it resonated so much with my recent experience of my 5 months of training for a bike race. I was so proud of myself for getting to the start line I felt like I had already won. I realized it was so much about persevering through the obstacles, showing up and giving the best I had to give in that moment. It was awesome and I had a blast! I look forward to reading more about your adventure and process as you go along. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!


  2. Perfect! I am going to travel along the american west coast with you!
    I am waiting for photos and comments!
    Bon courage et surtout beaucoup de plaisir!


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